Do you disagree with an administrative fine?

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is required to have health insurance with a Dutch healthcare insurer. This is mandatory under Dutch law. If you are living or working in the Netherlands and do not have health insurance, you will receive an administrative fine.

You no longer live in the Netherlands. Why are you receiving post from us?

If you are currently living abroad, but spent some time living, working or studying in the Netherlands, you should have taken out health insurance at the time. Since you neglected to do this, you now have to pay a fine.

What should you do if you disagree with this fine?

You can file an objection to the fine by sending a letter to the Central Administration Office (CAK). You must do so within six weeks of having received the fine from the CAK. For more information, visit the CAK website.

  • Your letter should include the following information:
    -  Your name, address, place of residence, date of birth and place of birth
    -  Why you disagree with this fine
    -  The date on which you are writing the letter
    -  Your telephone number and email address
    -  Your signature
  • Send your letter, along with a copy of the fine notice, to:
    Antwoordnummer 91034
    2509 VC The Hague
    The Netherlands

You do not need to put a stamp on the envelope.

If you are filing an objection, you are still required to pay the fine. If your objection is upheld, you will have your money refunded.