I’d like to pay my fine

You have received a letter from us, stating that you have to pay a fine. Below we will explain how you can pay this fine.

How much do you need to pay? And when?

You are required to pay the sum stated in our letter. Our letter also states the date by which the money should be in our bank account. If this date has already passed, please call us.

How can you pay via bank transfer?

You can pay using online banking, taking note of the following:

  • Use the correct IBAN number. You will find this in our letter.
  • Use the Bank Identifier Code (BIC/SWIFT): INGBNL2A or INGBNL2AXXX
  • The name and address of our bank:

    ING Bank N.V.
    Foreign Operations
    Postbus 1800
    1000 BV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Does your bank or transfer company insist on using a physical street address? Please use:

    ING Groep N.V.
    Amsterdamse Poort
    Bijlmerplein 888
    1102 MG Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  • Name and address of account holder:

    Tesselschadestraat 55
    8913 HA  Leeuwarden
    The Netherlands
  • Transfer the correct amount, including the administration fee, which is stated in our letter.
  • Cite the correct payment reference. The payment reference is the 16-digit CJIB number stated in our letter.

You cannot pay by credit card, cheque or cash.

Are you unsure about how much you must pay?

Please contact us.

IBAN has fewer digits

The Dutch international bank account number (IBAN) has fewer digits than an IBAN from your own country. This fact should pose no obstacle to the payment of your fine, as your bank should recognise the Dutch IBAN.
However, if you do encounter a problem when making payment, please contact your bank.