Do y­ou disag­ree with the Subdistrict Court’s ruling?

Have you appealed to the Subdistrict Court with regard to a traffic fine and do you disagree with the decision? In this case, you can sometimes lodge another appeal.

When can you appeal the Subdistrict Courts ruling?

  • if the initial amount of the traffic fine was over €70. This excludes the administrative costs;


  • if the Subdistrict Court has ruled your appeal to be inadmissible.

Are you the owner of the vehicle? Or are you not the owner, but your name is on the letter? In this case, you can lodge an appeal.
Were you the driver, but is the vehicle not yours? In this case, you can appeal using an authorisation form.

If you have meanwhile received a ‘payment summary after Subdistrict Court’ from the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB), appealing is no longer possible.

How to appeal the Subdistrict Court’s ruling

You can appeal by sending a letter to the Court of Appeal in Leeuwarden. You must do this within six weeks of the date on our letter.

  • Your letter should include the following information: 
    - your name, address, place of residence, date of birth and place of birth;
    - why you disagree with the decision;
    - your IBAN (this is your bank account number);
    - the date on which you have written the letter;
    - your signature.
  • Send your letter, along with a copy of the ruling, to the Subdistrict Court that heard your case.

What happens next?

The Court will invite you to a hearing, which will be held in Leeuwarden. At this hearing, you will be asked to provide your reasons for disagreeing with the traffic fine. The Court will usually rule on the matter during the hearing. You will also receive the ruling by post.
If you are unable or unwilling to attend the hearing, the Court will make a decision on the basis of the file. You will receive the ruling by post.


Whether you will be reimbursed depends on the Court of Appeal’s decision.
If the Subdistrict Court disagrees with you, you will not be reimbursed the amount you have paid.
If the Subdistrict Court decides to quash the decision or to reduce the amount of the fine, you will be (partially) reimbursed.
In either case, the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) will notify you separately in writing.