I disagree with a payment reminder

You are liable to pay a fine from the Netherlands. You have received a letter from us about this, but you have neglected to pay in time. It is for this reason that you are now receiving a payment reminder. This means the sum payable is now increasing.

! Do you live in the Netherlands? If so, please visit our Dutch website, or contact us.

Do you have to pay a higher amount which you do not agree with? If so, there are two possible situations.

  1. You have never received post from us before.
    You may have been sent a demand by mistake. We will have to investigate whether that is actually the case. To help us do that, please fill in this form.
    We will then have a look at it and send you a new letter telling you what is going to happen next.
  2. You have received and paid the fine.
    In that case, your payment will have been late, or we have not received it. Please contact us so that we can find out what is going on.

Do you drive a lease or company car?
If that is the case and you have been caught by a speed camera, we will send the fine to your lease company, or the company that owns the car. In the Netherlands the registered owner is responsible for the payment and you should contact them to get the fine processed.

How do we calculate the amount stated in the reminder?

The way in which we calculate the reminder charges is stipulated by law.

If your correspondence has the letter code M on it, the first increase is 50% of the amount of the fine. The second increase is 100% of the amount of the fine + the amount of the first increase.


You received a fine of


First reminder

€75 = €50 x 1.5

Second reminder

€150 = €50 x 3

If your correspondence has the letter code O on it, the first increase is €20. The second increase is 20% of the amount of the first increase (at least €40).

You must pay the full amount of the administrative charges in one go.