Our ­procedur­es – punitive orders

If you have received correspondence with the letter code O, this is a punitive order. Below you can read how we go about enforcing this order.

Step 1: We will send you a letter

We will send you a letter with the letter code O. This letter will state why you are receiving a fine. It may also state how much you are required to pay and when. If you have already paid, the letter will state the sum that you paid.

Step 2: We will send payment reminders

If you fail to pay the fine in time or do not pay the full amount, you can be sent a maximum of two payment reminders. The sum payable in the first reminder is €15 higher than the original fine. The payable sum in the second reminder is 20% higher than the amount stated in the first reminder, and will be at least €30 higher.


 You have received a fine of


 First reminder

 €215 = €200 + €15

 Second reminder

 €258 = €215 + €43 (= 20% of 215)

Step 3: The Public Prosecution Service

If you do not pay the second reminder in time, we will transfer the case to the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands. They will decide what will happen next.