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Our procedures – traffic fines

If you have received correspondence with the letter code M, you have committed a minor traffic offence in the Netherlands. Below you can read how we go about enforcing a traffic fine.

Step 1: We will send you a fine notice

You have committed a minor traffic offence in the Netherlands. We will send you a letter with the letter M in the top right hand corner. This letter will state the type of offence and the amount you are required to pay. You must pay the fine within eight weeks. We will send this letter to:

  • the owner of the car or motorcycle involved in the minor offence, or
  • the person who committed the minor offence and to whom the police gave an on-the-spot fine, or
  • the person who rented the car, trailer or motorcycle involved in the minor offence.

Step 2: We will send you payment reminders

If you neglect to pay the fine in time, or neglect to pay the full amount, you will receive a maximum of two payment reminders. The sum payable will increase with each reminder. The amount of the first reminder is 1.5 times the original amount. The amount of the second reminder is three times the original amount.


You received a fine of


First reminder

€75 = €50 x 1.5

Second reminder

€150 = €50 x 3

The full amount of the administrative charges must be paid in one go.

Step 3:  We transfer the case

If you live in an EU Member State, we will transfer the case to this country. They will endeavour to enforce payment of the fine.

Step 4: Tracing Register

If we are unable to transfer the case to another EU Member State, your name will be added to the Dutch Tracing Register. This means that an investigating officer (such as a police officer or a customs officer) can stop you and ask you to pay the fine on the spot. If you fail to do so, they can impound your vehicle.