Health insurance (administrative fine)

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is required under Dutch law to have health insurance from a Dutch healthcare insurer. If you are living or working in the Netherlands and do not have health insurance, you will receive a fine.

If you have received a fine because you do not have health insurance, there are two things you need to do:

  1. You must pay the fine. The payable sum for 2024 is € 496,74
  2. If you are still living or working in the Netherlands, you must take out health insurance as soon as possible, and you must pay the health insurance premiums every month to ensure you will not be fined a second time.

You are no longer living in the Netherlands. Why are you receiving post from us?

If you currently live abroad, but spent some time living, working or studying in the Netherlands, you should have taken out health insurance at the time. Because you neglected to do this, you are now required to pay a fine.

What should you do if you disagree with the fine?

If you disagree with the fine, you can file an objection.