I’d like to pay my fine in instalments

Have you received a fine you can't pay all at once? In some cases, you can reach an agreement with us to pay in instalments. Read the rules that apply in this situation below.

In which cases can you reach an agreement with us?

You can agree to pay in instalments if the following applies:

  1. The fine is € 75 or more. Or, you have multiple fines and the total amount is € 75 or more.
    This concerns the amount of the fine plus any increases. We will not include administration fees.
  2. Did you reach another payment agreement over the past year? If so, you can only reach a new agreement if you stuck to the exact terms of the previous one.

Do the above rules apply to your situation? If so, you may contact us.

If you comply with the rules and we are willing to make an agreement with you, what will happen next?

We will send you a letter stating the amounts that you are required to pay and the dates on which these payments are due. Will you be transferring the amounts yourself? If so, you must make sure we receive the payments on time.

Do you disagree with a traffic fine?

If you disagree with the fine, you can appeal the decision. If you are appealing the fine, you do not have to pay it yet. In this case, do not make an agreement to pay in instalments at this stage.

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