Do you disagree with a traffic fine?

If you have received correspondence from us with the letter code M, you are liable to pay a traffic fine. If you disagree with this traffic fine, you can file an objection with the Public Prosecution Service. This is referred to as appealing. As long as your appeal is pending, you do not have to pay the outstanding sum. This means that in this situation, you should not yet make any request to pay in instalments until your case is resolved.

Do you wish to challenge your traffic fine?

Are you the owner of the vehicle? Or are you not the owner, but your name is on the letter? In this case, you can lodge an appeal.
Were you the driver, but is the vehicle not yours? In this case, you can appeal using an authorisation form.

You can appeal against the decision by sending a letter to the Public Prosecution Service. You must do this within 6 weeks of the date on our letter.

  • Your letter should include all the following information:
    -  Your name, address, place of residence, date of birth and place of birth
    -  Why you disagree with this fine
    -  Your IBAN (this is your bank account number in international format)
    -  The date on which you are writing the letter
    -  Your signature
  • Send your letter, along with a copy of the fine notification, to:  
    Parket CVOM
    Afdeling Mulder
    Postbus 50.000
    3500 MJ Utrecht
    The Netherlands

If you have already paid the fine directly to the police, include a copy of the police report.

What happens next?

If you have challenged your traffic fine, you will receive a letter from the digital service desk of the Public Prosecution Service’s Central Processing Unit (Parket CVOM) confirming receipt of your appeal. Sometimes they will ask for more information from you. You will then receive a letter from us stating the decision made by the Public Prosecution Service. It may take up to sixteen weeks for you to receive this letter.

Do you disagree with the Public Prosecutor's decision?

Do you disagree with the Subdistrict Court’s ruling?

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